Large Projects

Hy-Electric works on a wide range of projects. Here are a few examples of the larger projects we have helped build over the years.

SCC Lincoln: Remodel and addition 2021

outside front
demo 1
demo 2
demo 3
Outside steel
inside steel
inside 1
large room
front desk
front desk 2
room lighting
front progress
hallway 2
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Harvest Hills Elementary: New build 2020

gretna 1
gretna 1
gretna 1
gretna 1
gretna 1
gretna bucket truck
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Rocket Carwash: Commercial remodel 2020

Rocket Carwash finished
Rocket Carwash finished 2
Rocket Carwash
Rocket Carwash
Rocket Carwash 2
Rocket Carwash 3
Rocket Carwash 4
Rocket Carwash 5
Rocket Carwash 6
Rocket Carwash 6
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At Home: Commercial remodel 2019

finished exterior
At home sign
At home exterior
front entrance framing
At home front finished
At home interior demo
At home interior demo 2
At home interior temp lighting
At home interior temp lighting2
At home painted ceiling
lights 2
lights 3
shelves 2
more shelves
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UNMC Dental College: Commercial remodel 2019

finished looking in
pre ceiling grid
pretty pipe
installing lighting
lighting installed
panel work
UNMC lighting
Aaron and george planning
UNMC lighting – copy
more finished lighting
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Advanced Medical Imaging: Commercial addition 2019

AMI sign
AMI pioneers door
AMI – north side
AMI – interior bare
AMI – interior studs
AMI interior
AMI – hall from link
AMI lighting
AMI service trenching
AMI Panels
pipe in service room
AMI generator
AMI fire alarm George
AMI hall lights install
nurse station progress
nurse station finished
finished counters and lighting
medical machinery
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